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FOUL NOT actives outlasts & outperforms all major known active antifoulant ingredients both new and conventional – at acceptable commercial levels.

FOUL NOT has proven resistant to all hard & soft fouling organisms.(algae, grasses,hydroids, mussels, worms, barnacles, etc. – even the persistent zebra mussel). Thus giving a longer life span.

FOUL NOT is the ultimate choice for ship & boat owners looking out for better performance at reasonable costs to create:

FOUL NOT has a unique co-biocidal combination, which exhibits superior performance against hard & soft foulings ensuring a cleaner hull and stern.

FOUL NOT’s hard wearing rate ensures performance for longer periods with cleaner hulls resulting in better longetivity. It has survived more than 72 months in current warm water test studies.

FOUL NOT ends the need for the expensive and unpleasant annual chore of cleaning and repainting a boat’s hull at regular intervals, to remove any build up of sea slime.

The negative impact on marine life due to the leaching of TBT based paints into the estuaries and waterways and pressure from the United Nations International Marine Organisation (the IMO) to ban these paints, caused companies to seek alternatives.

Alternatives using organo copper and zinc based paints have proven less efficacious and the most likely market leader will be paints based upon new fungicidal pesticides or co-biocides that repel fouling organisms without heavy leaching into waters.

We believe, based on our several years of scientific studies, FOUL NOT is an antifoulant paint that will safely repel fouling organisms and which is even efficacious beyond six years and its encapsulated active toxicant ingredient(s) will not leach out into the water, categorizing it as a reduced risk pesticide (RRP).

In addition, our ability, to manufacture FOUL NOT commercially at affordable competitive prices, undoubtedly enables both users of large ocean going freighters, naval ships, tankers, recreational boats, commercial fishing vessels, sporting boats, lobster and crab culture cages, fish nets, buoys, bulkheads, bridges and docks, etc. to also use FOUL NOT.

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FOUL NOT is a Tin free, premium antifouling paint. It is a unique and highly advanced polymer antifouling bottom paint that gives exceptionally long lasting performance. Comparative studies shows that FOUL NOT delivers almost double the effectiveness than any of the conventional TBT or other organo-tin based products. Its unique co-biocidal combinations exhibits superior performance against all types of hard and soft fouling.

FOUL NOT is used as an antifouling paint on all kinds of ships, freighters and cruise vessels. Its unique performance mechanism prevents permanent attachment of most foulings and is highly effective against both hard fouling (Barnacles, Mussels, Snails, Balanidae, Mollusks, etc.) and soft fouling (Worms, Hydroids, Mites, Slugs, Algae, Weeds, Slime, Tunicates, Sea Fauna and Flora). It helps reduce the drag on underwater hulls and thereby increases speed. Excellent dynamic and static fouling protection. Ideal for use where serious fouling conditions are experienced. Recommended for use where extended dry -docking is required with other paints. Tin-free. For use on steel, fiberglass,or wood hulls over a suitable primer.

>> TBT FREE – complies with IMO AFS Convention.
>> Convertibility – easy to convert from tin-containing antifoulings.
>> Protection – from foulings for periods of 72 months.
>> Low Maintainence – easy to re-coat at M & R drydocking.
>> Affordable Prices – competitively priced, economical alternative to other antifoulings.
>> Performance – effective against both hard & soft foulings.

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Panels treated with different conventional antifoulant paint compositions containing up to 76 wt. % copper oxide, for example, an ablative formula containing 46 wt. % copper oxide.

The paints comprised of the 9 most popular antifoulant paints compared to ours.

IMG A & B : Exposure of plates to 39 months in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

( A ) ( B )

IMG C & D: Same end panels after 72 months. The growth on the top of our panel was due to an over-paint identification marking and on the edge because of a chip in the paint.

( C ) ( D )

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