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In use, Molyslip products form a lubricating layer of Molybdenum Disulphide on metal surfaces in the following manner.

The Molybdenum Disulphide molecules arrange themselves into plates with a laminar structure in which each molybdenum atom is sandwiched between two sulphur atoms. The sulphur atoms are attracted to metal and therefore become plated or bonded on to each of the adjacent bearing surfaces. In between these two platings further layers of molecules form. The sulphur-to-metal bonding is very strong, but the sulphur-to-sulphur bonding between adjacent molecules is very weak.

Thus, there are two bearing surfaces, each protectively plated by a layer of Molybdenum Disulphide molecules with sliding or lubricating layers of molecules in between. In this way direct contact of metal-to-metal surfaces is prevented, friction is considerably reduced, with the consequent elimination of local heating, wear is inhibited and protection achieved even under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature.

The molecular thickness of Molybdenum Disulphide is such that there are approximately 40,000 lubricating or cleavage planes in an MoS2 film one thousandth of an inch thick!

The Molybdenum Disulphide plating is, in effect, a separating layer of immense strength, greater than the yield stress of most metals...and in addition it possesses the low coefficient of friction of ·03 to ·06 which gives more efficient lubrication combined with this greater protection.   

Molyslip's specialised greases, compounds and lubricants are recognized as the leading brand for a range of applications such as :-

Anti-Seize Compounds : including Copaslip
High Performance Lubricants : Greases & Specialist Lubricants
Food Machinery Lubricants & Food Grade Greases : NSF Approved Lubricants
Metal Working : tapping, drilling, threading, sawing, reaming, broaching, drawing, pressing, extruding, forging & forming.
Oil Supplements : improved lubrication reduces wear and temperature, improves performance and fuel consumption.



An anti-seize compound and a lubricant perform entirely different functions although many anti-seize products have lubricating properties, especially at higher temperatures. In environmentally adverse conditions such as high humidity and salinity, extreme pressure, acidic atmospheres or excessive temperatures, metals can fuse or weld together. The chief culprit is corrosion, particularly in marine surroundings. Molyslip anti-seize products are designed to provide an insulating layer between metals so that dismantling and routine maintenance are free from breakage of fused parts. This problem is especially onerous on threads and shackles. A single application of Copaslip (often misspelled as copperslip or coppaslip) or Alumslip will stop metal fusion for many years.

(often misspelled as copperslip or coppaslip) - the original anti-seize compound. It is a very high temperature (up to 1100°C) anti-seize assembly compound, bentone based non-melt grease with copper, polybutene, and anti-corrosion additives.

Molyslip AS40/AS60 Anti-Scuff Paste
Anti-scuff, bedding-in paste, gelled lubricating oil with a high proportion of MoS2. AS60 contains 60% of MoS2; AS40 contains 40% of MoS2 with graphite, rust and corrosion inhibitors.

Air drying film. Pure Molybdenum Disulphide in an air drying bonding resinate for use where oils/greases cannot be used (ie dust contamination). Ideal for pre-assembly treatment of parts to minimise dangers of seizure, galling or scuffing. Available in aerosols or bulk liquid for use in suitable spray-guns.

Alumslip anti-seize assembly compound is specially formulated to protect against seizure even under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature. Also a highly effective thread lubricant and protective. Designed for same applications as Copaslip® (often misspelled as copperslip or coppaslip) but where there is a prejudice against the presence of copper. Temperature range up to 1100°C.

Nickleslip is a nickel based extra high and low temperature anti-seize assembly compound. Containing pure nickel, aluminium and graphite in a non-melt base with corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.

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HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBRICANTS : Greases & Specialist Lubricants


EHT : Extra high temperature grease
Bentone grease with MoS2 and graphite. Formulated to ensure that even if carbonisation occurs the residue will remain friable, with the MoS2 and graphite present to maintain lubrication. Temperature range up to 250°C.

FMG : Food machinery grease (H1).
The grease is gelled with inert bentone which ensures resistance to water and steam as well as brine and fruit and vegetable juices.

HSB : High speed bearing grease.
Lithium based with MoS2 and extreme pressure compounds. Exceptional load carrying capacity with minimum friction and excellent anti-wear characteristics. Has a steady working range from -30°C to 150°C.

LQG : All purpose lubricant with MoS2.
Ability to penetrate when applied results in better lubrication than ordinary grease. Sufficiently fluid to be sprayed on to the most inaccessible places but will not flow or drain away like an oil. Non-fling chain lubricant. Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors. Available in aerosol or bulk.

MBG : Bentone based (non-melt) molybdenised high-load grease.
Helps to ensure freedom from bearing failure in shock and over-load conditions. MBG allows you to increase lubrication intervals and to improve safety margins. Ideal for cranes, conveyor systems, printing presses, water pumps, shackle bolts and many more.

OGL : Heavy duty bentone based open gear lubricant.
Ideal for adverse weather conditions and for use on slow moving, heavily loaded working surfaces, it is an exceptional fifth wheel lubricant for heavy road transport. MoS2, graphite and extreme pressure additives. Completely water resistant, OGL provides a protective coating which will not drip or drain.

OGS : Wire rope lubricant with efficient penetrating properties.
The protective coating will resist direct rainfall and immersion in sea water.

OCL : Oven Chain Lubricant.
A synthetic product developed for use where cleaning of the chain is as important as lubrication. A non-carbonising high temperature gas resistant lubricant, harmless to rubber seals. Also available in aerosol as SCS.

Moly OCL :
Based on OCL (above) but with colloidal Molybdenum Disulphide to help inhibit oxidisation as well as increasing the lubricating value, thus minimising wear and friction.

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Food machinery Lubricants & Food Grade Greases from Molyslip approved for use in plant engaged in the processing and packaging of foodstuffs, dairy products and beverages.

FMG : EP Food Machinery Grease.

Approved for use where incidental contact with foodstuffs may occur.

  • Specially compounded from U.S. FDA listed, acceptable ingredients and NSF H1 registered. It meets USDA, 1998 H1 guidelines for the lubrication and protection of machinery used for the processing and packaging foodstuffs.
  • Non-melt, non-toxic, waterproof, high performance E.P. grease.
  • The special properties of FMG make it suitable for a wide range of applications including anti-friction bearings, slides, gears and guides etc.

FGO : Food Machinery EP Gear Oils.

Food safe semi - synthetic high viscosity oils for enclosed gearboxes.

  • Incorporating the most advanced multifunctional additive package, combining both EP and anti-wear properties together with rust and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Available in both SAE EP90 and EP140

FMO : Food Machinery Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils

Severly refined oils which meet the highest purity requirements for use in the food industry.

  • With full U.S. FDA listed anti - wear and anti - corrosion treatment these colourless oils exhibit high stability towards oxidation.
  • Available in ISO grades 15, 32, 46, 68 and 100.

MWO : Food Machinery Lubricating Oils

MWO is a general purpose lubricating oil, free of aromatics.

  • Ideal for use as a release agent in the manufacture of plastics (such as polystyrene) used in food packaging.
  • Being inert and hydrophobic it is suitable for applications where lubrication, insulation, moisture resistance, emoillience and lack of corrosion are important.
  • Available in light, medium and heavy grades.

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For tapping, drilling, threading, sawing, reaming, broaching, drawing, pressing, extruding, forging and forming

MCC : High performance metalworking compound

  • High performance, low melt point metal working compound for use with all metals.
  • Based on extreme pressure additives fortified with MoS2 to provide excellent extreme pressure performance and lubricity.
  • Improves cutting performance, providing a better surface finish.

MWF : High performance metalworking fluid

  • Concentrated metal working fluid containing a unique oil-soluble molybdenum compound with extreme pressure anti-weld additives.
  • Lubricates, reduces friction, heat and distortion of the work.

MWS : High performance metalworking spray

  • Aerosolled version of MWF (above) for ease of application.
  • Particularly effective on stainless steel and light alloys, which are prone to surface welding or pick-up on the tool.

MEP : Extreme pressure, water soluble cutting fluid additive

  • Stabilises the emulsion, prolonging its life and ensuring uniform performance.
  • Also contains an effective biocide to prevent the liberation of hydrogen disulphide with its objectionable "Monday morning smell".

MSO : Soluble Cutting Oil

  • Of the milky emulsion type. Blended with low gravity solvent refined neutral oils.

MTG : Machine Tool Grease

  • Lithium based with MoS2, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion additives.
  • Formulated to provide high load bearing capacity and resistance against oxidation.
  • Suitable for spindles and chucks on metal processing machines



Less Fuel, Less Wear, Less to Pay


Engine oil supplement with MoS2 for petrol and diesel engines. Reduces wear and temperature, improves performance and fuel consumption. Protects against lubricant starvation.

  • Reduce wear on piston rings, cylinders, valves and bearings.
  • Lower the working temperature of the oil and water.
  • Improve fuel efficiency. Independent tests show a reduction in fuel consumption of between 5% and 11%.
  • Provide vital support in the event of oil loss.
  • Increase starting efficiency. Oil takes time to circulate, but Molyslip 2001E becomes a permanent lubricating feature of your engine.
  • Boost power, thereby increasing acceleration.
  • Reduce friction and heat in crawling city traffic where overheating generally occurs. You can actually see your tachometer reading respond to the lower heat and friction.
2001G :

Gear oil supplement with MoS2 for use in gear boxes and differentials. 2001G coats bearings and cogwheels with a molybdenum film, deadening unwanted sound and reducing the effort of gear changes. It also reduces maintenance and prolongs component life. It copes with any gear size or configuration no matter how large or small.

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Combat A88 : First Aid for Metal

Developed to save you time and money, COMBAT A88 cleans, lubricates and protects all metal components and surfaces.

  • Cleans dirt, grime, grease etc from metal surfaces
  • Brightens dull, oxide tarnished metals and alloys
  • Disperses moisture and water film from vital electrical circuits
  • Penetrates inaccessible areas
  • Lubricates far more efficiently than other multi-purpose products of this type
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Contains no PTFE, silicones or resins and will not cause film "build-up"
  • Can be used in conjunction with Rusolvent (see below)

Rusolvent :
Rapidly penetrates the finest clearances and cuts through rust and corrosion to free and release corroded parts. Idela for use with release of scaffolding clamps and rusted bolts.

Electrocleaner NF :
Non flammable cleaning solvent for electrical equipment, including dynamos, switch gear, relays etc.

Multi-purpose silicon spray for use in lubrication and as a mould release.

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Molyslip Flaw and Crack Detector 3 part set

Cleaner :

  • Highly efficient rapid drying general purpose cleaning solvent.
  • Low toxicity and does not cause corrosion of metals.
  • Removes oil, grease and dirt and also residual penetrant.

Penetrant :

  • High performance red dye penetrant to indicate cracks and flaws for non-destructive testing on metal surfaces or welds.

Developer :

  • Highlights flaws, faults and cracks in metal surfaces
  • White talc film will cling to and be stained pink by any surface imperfections to give precise definition of faults.


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